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Digita Transfer CD to MP3 and Cassette Tape to MP3 byMCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Restoring & Revitalization

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Audio Digital Transfer

We can take CD's and Cassette tapes and transfer them into a MP3 and/or WAV format for you to digitally archive or share with others.  You never know how long those old physical recordings you have will last but digital lasts forever!  We offer two options.  We can either simply transfer your audio as is or you can get a transfer + restoration where we utilize our same client satisfying mastering process to clean up and enhance your audio improving the fidelity and making it more modern. 

$40 per Tape/CD

Digital Transfer + Individual WAV files + Track Titling

How to purchase a Transfer 

 1 : Choose a package and click buy now or add to cart

 2:  Sign in to paypal or click "pay with debit or credit card" you do not need a paypal account.  If you don't have a bank account or credit card we suggest getting a pre-paid/re-loadable card from wal-mart or walgreens and paying that way.

 3: Text or email a screen shot of your payment to MCM Studios at 412-403-1086 If you do not do this step we will contact the email you give when paying so make sure it's an email you have access to.

 4: Your order will enter the que immdiately after payment has cleared.  You will receive a text and/or email confirmation

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