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The last most important step

If you already have your song recorded and mixed and just need a second professional perspective to put the final mastering touch and sheen on your song or audio, this is the option for you.  We will balance and tune your record using 20 years of experience to make it sound impressive to listeners.  If you need your record mixed AND mastered, choose our finalization option for more in depth detailed editing.  Mastering does not require stems just the WAV or MP3 of your final recorded, mixed, un-mastered song.  In some cases we can also correct a bad master from other situations.  


If you still need to record your song, CLICK HERE

Music Mastering by MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recoding Studio


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$149/per track

 Mastered + Track Info / Art Embedding + WAV & MP3 Finals
+ Commercial Finish + Confidential + Optimized for Streaming + Bulk Pricing

How to purchase a Master

 1 : Choose a package and click buy now or add to cart

 2:  Sign in to paypal or click "pay with debit or credit card" you do not need a paypal account.  If you don't have a bank account or credit card we suggest getting a pre-paid/re-loadable card from wal-mart or walgreens and paying that way.

 3: Text or email a screen shot of your payment to MCM Studios at 412-403-1086 If you do not do this step we will contact the email you give when paying so make sure it's an email you have access to.

 4: Your order will enter the que immdiately after payment has cleared.  You will receive a text and/or email confirmation

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered Samples for MCM Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?  How will this benefit me?

This is when we creatively and technically enhance any form of audio to its final form.  We CAN NOT edit or manipulate individual parts of a track when Mastering, for that we suggest a Finalization.  We approach each song or each piece of audio as the unique work that it is.  By doing this, no two Masters are the same!  Because voices, beats and sounds all have their own unique characteristics they all have to be humanly handled in order to make final personalized decisions.  This could be volume, compression, eq'ing,metering and techniques to bring your audio to life.  Every artist who gets this done says they notice a significant difference.

Can I be there  while it gets done?

Like a doctor performing heart surgery, even though it would be cool to sit in, for concentration and practice purposes these are done in private.  If there's any ideas or effects you would like done to any part of the audio, simply include that in email to us.  We will ask you ahead of time so don't worry.  Good news is, because you don't need to come in, that means you can get a track Mastered wether you're in Australia, Africa or America!  We will simply handle everything digitally; online.

How long can my track be?

A Master includes up to four minutes of audio.

How long does this take?

Depending on how full the que is you can expect one track to take 6 business days and a full album to take 20 business days on average.  This means maybe it will be done a little sooner and sometimes a little longer.

Can you Finalize a song or audio if it wasn't recorded at MCM Studios?

Yes!  With the invention of digital files and the internet you can finally get our customer approved services from anywhere in the world.

Why is the charge more than the cost on the site?

Your total payment is our fee + payment and processing fees.

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