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Cancel / Reschedule Policy

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Please read carefully

Every session is prepaid by appointment only meaning we pre-block out any time that you agreed and paid to arrive for and stay on site for the duration of that booking.  No other potential client can fill that time slot. 


If you schedule a session and decide to cancel or not show or try to re-schedule, you will forfeit your payment.


If you book a 3 hour session at $200 that means, if you cancel or don't show, you will forfeit your full payment and must re-pay and re-book for a new session.   Read that again.


We DO NOT give any refunds for ANY REASON for RECORDING SESSIONS, PACKAGE DEALS, MIXING & MASTERING or any services we provide or offer.   There are no exceptions to this rule. 


We DO NOT re-schedule sessions, give partial refunds or debate this policy for ANY REASON, this includes ANYTHING UNEXPECTED THAT MIGHT HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE.


All sales are final.

What if I come late?  Will my time be extended?



You pre-scheduled a specific block of time when you booked.  Your time starts and ends at the time provided in the text and email booking.  If you book 3-6pm and arrive at 4pm this means you have lost 1 hour of your booking and the session is still over at 6pm.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

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