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The more you create the more you save

MCM Recording Club is a subscription membership that gives artists looking to regularly invest in their craft the opportunity to get a discount on services with us.  For $99 you will get 3 months of 25% off or more!  To put this in perspective, our 3 hour session totals $309 with payment and processing.  If you have a Recording Club Membership the 3 hour slot goes down to $207 total, that's $102 OFF!  You can see where after 1 session the membership pays for itself.  If you plan on recording at least twice with us over the next 3 months, purchasing a membership will pay for itself.  This is a no brainer option for every artist who utilizes this and we have got nothing but great feedback from artists who said it helped them achieve their goals while maintaining their budget.

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MCM Recording Club

MCM Studios Recording Studio Recoding Club

$99 / Membership

3 Month Membership + Discount on all services while a member +  Priority Booking
Use the chart below to see how joining MCM RECORDING CLUB will save you money
Recording Club Comparison.png
MCM RECORDING CLUB is for independent artists only.  Corporate accounts & Labels are exempt from this offer. 
After reading below, If you still have any questions about this offer please text us at 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?  How will this benefit me?

This is probably our most popular add on for clients of MCM Studios.  We often got asked "If I came to you regularly, could I get a discount"?.  On one end, the more you're with us the more work we're doing, not less work.  On the other hand, through experience, we know that anyone who regularly invests in their career usually has goals they are trying to hit and are serious about their craft making time spent with them never empty hours or unproductive and because of this, we wanted to create a way to help those artists.  Think of it like Amazon PRIME, you pay a set fee (in this case $99) and for 3 MONTHS you will get 25% or more off all services, get priority booking and premium downtime assistance.  In just 1-3 hour booking, the membership pays for itself.  Just think of how much more budget you'll have for promotion or performances while working every step of the way with a studio with proven results.  You'll also save money on mixing and mastering as well as package deals.  You make a small up front investment for the potential to make 1x, 2x, even 4x! on your investment in money saved, in some cases more!

When Should I get a membership?

We say ASAP.  The sooner you invest in a membership the sooner it will start to pay you back.  Let's be honest, if you don't plan on being in the studio once a month and getting something mixed or mastered over the next 90 days or quarter of a year then maybe this isn't for you and it's more of a hobby for you.  But just know, you will save $102 off a 3 hour session and the membership will of already paid for itself.  After 90 days you'll see the difference.

How long is a membership

3 Months

Can someone else use my membership

In short, No.  Artists and friends can come with you to record but they can not apply your membership discount to their own services and bookings.  You must be present for sessions.

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