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Pre-Booking Information

Please read carefully

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Congratulations on booking with the best and thank you for choosing MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA

We have not been in business over a decade doing things without structure.  It's important for us to communicate with you and have you communicate with us, this keeps us from having any, well...miscommunication!  If this is your first time working with us or your tenth time, please take 5-10 minutes to read over this info, its beneficial for us both to have a healthy professional relationship.  Have a great session and have fun.

1. What do I need to bring?
Please bring a USB flash drive and if you want, your laptop, beat machine, sampler, guitar, turntables... WHATEVER!  It's better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. You're going somewhere where comfort is of the highest priority, so bring whatever makes you comfortable and creative.  If you have MP3 or WAV music that you're singing over or files to mix, put those on the flash drive and bring them with you to MCM Studios. We also recommend bringing a little extra cash in case you want to stop at the convenience store for drinks,  snacks, or maybe a coffee from Black Forge Coffee House, all within walking distance.

2. What do we do in a session at MCM Studios?
The question is, what do you need done?


Most our clients come with music and words to their own original songs or cover songs to sing over, rap, or speak over. Sometimes they need voice over work done, interviews,  or Acapella. Maybe they make beats or play guitar and want to work on making it sound good. Tell us what you need done and within that time period we will work towards the end goal. Sometimes it may take one or multiple sessions to complete a task, but we will never know until we get started!

3. How long does it take to record ONE song?
This is another varied question. 


How experienced are you?


How prepared are you?


How difficult is the material? 


How good do you want to make it? 


     Think of your song like a car that needs inspected and us like the shop inspecting it. You might come in and realize your engine needs replaced or maybe all you need is an oil change and tune up. Again, we don't know until we begin. Sometimes if it's a rap/hip-hop song, we get a few done in a 2-3 hour block. Then sometimes if it's a soul song with lots of layers and takes, we get one song done and vice versa. There have been great songs made in 30 minutes and then others that needed 10 hours to get right and additional time until it was finalized. Remember, the first booking is the best investment you can make because 99% of the time these questions answer themselves.

4. What's the atmosphere like?
A huge plus for our clients is the setting and vibe of the studio. Leave your shoes on or kick them off and create your music in an environment that some describe as "like recording at home". Our lighting is specifically designed to relax and keep you focused. The booth flooring is plush like a memory foam mattress and the sights and smells of the studio are motivating and creative. We have a small fridge to house your beverages of choice and a ventilation system that makes the air clean and clear often described like a clean window. A visit to MCM Studios is like nowhere on earth.  This is an entire experience, not just a wam bam thank you ma'm

5. If I need help, will you help me?
Yes!  Absolutely!! 


Sometimes people need some help staying on track or maybe some advice to make a song better and that's what we're here to do.  Maybe you know what you want, and that's even better.  HiTT adjusts to the skill level you're at to give you the most accommodating  experience possible.

6. How long will you hold on to my music?
We are not responsible for back ups or archival of your music. Although we try our best to catalog everything we've ever done, we can not promise we will always be able to keep a record due to unforeseen circumstances. We recommend keeping a back up of your music if you value it.

7. What if the sessions over and I want you to mix more or email me something?
If you need stems, files sent to different emails, files converted, mix changes or anything you foresee needing , let us know at the start of the session.  Once the session is over anything else you need emailed to you or fixed or sent will carry a charge for the time to do it.  Get what you need before you leave or pay extra after the session is over or wait till your next session.  This means if you contact us in a few weeks and say you need us to "email your music" or have us just "send you something real quick", just know there will be a cost associated with it before we do it.  There's no exceptions to this rule.

8. What if I cancel or reschedule?

Every session is prepaid by appointment only meaning we pre-block out any time that you agreed and paid to arrive for and stay on site for the duration of that booking.  No other potential client can fill that time slot.  If you schedule a session and decide to cancel or not show you will forfeit your payment.  If you book a 3 hour session at $200 that means if you cancel or don't show or call asking to reschedule (which we don't do) you will forfeit your full payment of $200.   We DO NOT give any refunds for ANY REASON for RECORDING SESSIONS, PACKAGE DEALS, MIXING & MASTERING or any services we provide or offer.   There are no exceptions to this rule.

All sales are final.

9. What if I come late?  Will my time be extended?

No.  You pre-scheduled a specific block of time when you booked.  Your time starts and ends at the time provided in the text and email booking.  If you book 3-6pm and arrive at 4pm this means you have lost 1 hour of your booking and the session is still over at 6pm.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 

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