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Groupon Booking Policy

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Please read carefully

Groupons are a promotional option for clients who have never booked or been to MCM Studios. 


Once you use a Groupon or if you ever had a session with us  you can not use Groupon anymore.  


If you want to book after you used your promotional Groupon, you must do so through this site, not through Groupon. 


Clients using a Groupon can not be accompanied by anyone who has previously recorded with us or ever been to the studio. 


Groupons require a 2-4 week advance booking window meaning once you purchase your Groupon, you must contact MCM Studios with at least 2-4 week advance notice of the date and time you would like and we will make every effort to accommodate that but can not guarantee that day and time.  If you contact us with only a few weeks left on your Groupon till it expires and we can't get you in before it does, then it will be expired.  Groupon gives you 4 months to use, it is your responsibility to contact us with enough time to get you scheduled in before expiration.  We suggest buying the groupon and contacting us the same day to be placed on the waiting list.

In order to be placed on the waiting list you must...

Text 412-403-1086 

Send the word GROUPON and THE DATE OF PURCHASE as well as your FIRST and LAST NAME


Groupon bookings are ONLY done Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 6:00pm.  This is our promotional time slot


For late times and weekend times you must schedule through our site.  Any other times are designated for standard paying clients only.   


Groupons are not valid weeknights or weekends.  You can upgrade your Groupon to a standard booking at a up-charge just contact us at 412-403-1086 to request a upgrade invoice.


If you cancel a booking with your Groupon you will owe a $100.00 cancellation/rescheduling fee 


You always have the option of not going through Groupon and purchasing a session directly through this site which is what we recommend.  Standard full paying sessions come before promotional Groupon bookings.


MCM Studios and Groupon are two different entities.  If you have a problem with your Groupon or Groupon account you must contact Groupon.  Groupons can not be combined or applied to any other offer, booking or service. 


Once your Groupon expires it is only worth the value paid for it and only then can you use it and pay the difference on the exact type of booking as your Groupon is for.  This means, if you paid $75 for a 3 hour Groupon and it expires before you use it, you will have a $75 credit towards a standard 3 hour booking of which you must pay the difference PLUS your Groupon.

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