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Track Critique by MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Track Feedback

One of our most requested services.  This is your opportunity to get a professional in-depth detailed report about your song from people who make them professionally.  We will listen to your song 3 different times in 3 different locations. example; (The studio, The Car, Headphones during an activity).  We will supply you with a detailed email in 7-10 days expressing our opinion on the technical side, the creative side and the overall sound and how it made us feel when we listened to it.  We will supply you with feedback we feel will help you answer some of the questions you have about it in your mind.  We give advice based on thousands of professional and personal music interactions to help you come to clearer critical conclusions.  If you still need to record your song, CLICK HERE

$49/1 track

10 day turn around. + Emailed in-depth analysis + professional honest perspective and critique


$99/ 1 track + 

10 day turn around + emailed in-depth analysis + professional perspective
 + Social Proof posting to 100K targeted fans  across all our social media platforms.

How to book a song critique

 1 : Choose a package and click buy now or add to cart

 2:  Sign in to paypal or click "pay with debit or credit card" you do not need a paypal account.  If you don't have a bank account or credit card we suggest getting a pre-paid/re-loadable card from wal-mart or walgreens and paying that way.

 3: Text or email a screen shot of your payment to MCM Studios at 412-403-1086 If you do not do this step we will contact the email you give when paying so make sure it's an email you have access to.

 4: Your order will enter the que immdiately after payment has cleared.  You will receive a text and/or email confirmation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?  How will this help me?

This is a song critique.  That means we will take your song, album or audio and thoroughly examine its current state and provide you with a detailed assessment of the work.  We will listen to it in 3 different playback systems during 3 different days and times during 3 different moods!  This process will give you the most honest in depth perspective.  With this professional perspective it will give you clarity on some questions you kept wondering but needed a second opinion before release.  We will write you a detailed email about the technical aspects and the creative aspects and ways we believe you could improve on your ideas and sound or maybe we will say its perfect as it is!  We won't know till we spend the time with it.

Why not just ask one of my friends?

You could ask a friend or family member or even a fan but most times they will give you a skewed opinion based on their relationship, experience with music or current mood towards you.  We have spent the last decade creating music, selling music and helping artists.  This is your chance to get a unbiased professional opinion that has nothing to do with our personal relationship or previous knowledge.  Our goal is to give you layers of feedback on multiple angles and aspects of the work you submit.  Sometimes this perspective can help you finally get your music to get released or stop you from over thinking and take action.  Every scenario and submission is unique and we treat it that way, our focus is to help you in your evolution as an artist.

Why does it take 10 days?

Because we listen to it 3 different times on 3 different days and also write a in-depth assessment of our experience.  This is your chance to have a professional take their time and really appreciate the work you have put in to your art.  We aren't here to be judgmental, we're here to give you the type of honest in-depth feedback artists seek out and need!  Don't rush the process and the process will reward you with answers.

What is Social Boost?

Social Boost is when we create a blog post about your track and also share it in our targeted network of 100k followers and fans across multiple platforms.  This will expose your music to people actively seeking for what MCM Studios is currently involved with and working on.  We will also include any positive and negative feedback we get and incorporate that into our assessment for you.  Be warned, we have a huge network of people so you may see an increase in your social followers and streams as well as visits to your website if you have one.  We also can not control what peoples opinions might be on a public platform but we can guarantee you will get exposure if that's what you're looking for.  This is great for a boost of exposure even if the song has already been released.

How do I submit the track?

If you're getting a unreleased song critiqued we will have you send us the track directly through email or dropbox.  We will keep your song and assessment confidential unless we come to another agreement.  If you're submitting a already released song or getting the SOCIAL BOOST option we will have you submit the link to where your track is posted.  Any other things we need we will let you know.  DO NOT send any tracks before making payment.  We do not accept unsolicited submissions and you're email will be deleted.

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