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A unique audio experience

Hourly Recording at the one and only MCM Studios is the most popular option when booking a session with us.  When you book a 1, 2 or 3 hour session you will have the added bonus to work hands on with Mike Hitt, someone with 2 decades of hands on experience in a private session free from distractions and designed to optimize your creativity and productivity.  You will create and collaborate, working towards your target end goals. Recording with MCM is great for new artists because they will learn and be taught techniques that will improve their artistry and it's also MCM great for more advanced artists, who need an experienced producer/engineer who can navigate the creative skys with them as they continue to excel in their artistic journey. 


If you already recorded your music but need it mixed & mastered, CLICK HERE

Studio Sessions at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA

Audio Recording

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Pre-paid by appointment only.  No walk throughs, no tours.  Text for availability.

PLEASE scroll down and READ the "how to book" before booking to keep from having any issues with your booking
Private Session + In Session Mixing+Producer/Engineer+Leave with MP3
If you plan on recording with us more than once, we suggest joining MCM Recording club
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MUST TEXT SCREEN SHOT OF PAYMENT to 412-403-1086 then we schedule a day and time
This pricing is for independent artists only.  Corporate accounts & Labels are exempt from this price tier. 
For custom pricing quote please call/text  
We also accept


1. Send either $110(1hr), $211(2hr) or $312(3hr) to

2.Send screenshot of payment to 412-403-1086
Note : If you are a first time customer you can not pay with CASH APP. Credit/Debit/Paypal ONLY.  If you've booked 3 or more times with us, you CAN use CASH APP to pay


How to Book 

 1 : Choose a set number of hours from the pull down and click BUY NOW (if paying with CASHAPP, read above)

 2:  Sign in to paypal or click "pay with debit or credit card" you do not need a paypal account.  If you don't have a bank account or credit card we suggest getting a pre-paid/re-loadable card from wal-mart or walgreens and paying that way.  We DO NOT accept CASH.

 3: For a faster response to your payment, Text or email a screen shot of your payment to MCM Studios at 412-403-1086 If you do not do this step we will contact the email associated with you payment, so make sure it's an email you have access to.

 4: Once you send screen shot of payment, we will coordinate your day and time.  Getting in can take a few days up to 2 weeks depending on availability.  Same day bookings are rare as people are always paying and booking out in advance.  If there's a specific day and time, we suggest texting us to find out if we have your desired date and time available.


The fine print 

Rule 1 : Once payment is made and cleared you will have 14 days to schedule and fulfill your session.  If you do not, you will forfeit your payment and must pay again for a session or service.  Our main goal is to accommodate you while maintaining the flow of scheduling.  Someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours of payment clearing.  For faster booking following the directions above.

Rule 2:  Sessions start and end at the allotted time slot.  Come late, that's your time, don't show, that's our money.   We DO NOT reschedule sessions or extend sessions for ANY REASON.  We  DO NOT give refunds for ANY REASON no matter how unexpected the circumstance.

Rule 3: Don't arrive any more than 10 minutes early to your session.  Sometimes we run sessions back to back and we do not have a waiting room and don't want anyone hanging outside of the establishment.

Rule 4: Once you have your session scheduled follow the details of your text confirmation and/or email confirmation carefully and closely.  They will help you start off your visit on the right foot.

Rule 5: Bring up to 6 people with you but those people are your responsibility.  We are not responsible for you or their items, actions or words.  If there is any issues the session will end without a refund and you will not be permitted to book with us in the future.  Be aware of who you are bringing as well as yourself.

Rule 6: Any and all work is done in session.  Once the sessions ends if you want more mixing, mastering, files emailed or any adjustments made they will be billed at the appropriate fee.  No exceptions.  Do not contact us later saying you need the songs resent to you unless you plan on paying a fee for us to do so.  We give you anything you might need from us by the end of your session, if you don't get everything you needed, then you should of planned better and made a list of what you would of needed by the end of the session.

Rule 7: We are here to make music.  During that time we will be professional, communicative, diligent, respectful,                        understanding, open minded and focused and we expect the same in return from everyone in attendance.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?  What will we do?

This is a recording session or studio session.  For more experienced creatives, you know what this involves but you might be new reading this, so here's a little more in depth explanation.  You have songs that are either original or covers or karaoke that you want to record to see what your vocal and beat would sound like professionally put together, that's what we do.  In the time that you decide to book we will work towards this goal, crafting and coaching you to the best end product we can get with the ability and time you have.  At the end of the session we will render/bounce the songs we created into MP3 so you can take them and listen to them outside of the studio.  Our services are not limited to songs.  We record on-site, audio books, voice over work for TV, Film and Internet and any type of instrument EXCEPT drums.  Our location is a production studio equipped for singers, songwriters, rappers, spoken word artists, hobbyists, experimentalist and cover singers.  We can also accommodate many other audio recording and creation tasks.  If you see something that doesn't fit the description to what you're looking for, feel free to text us any additional questions 412-403-1086

How many songs can you get done?

We get this question from rappers and karaoke/cover singers the most.  If you're looking to amass songs and you fall into either rapper, karaoke/cover singer categories we would say typically in a 3 hour session we would get 1 to 5 songs with a pretty decent mix on them by the end.  These results vary wildly depending on a giant number of factors.  Our best advice for anyone looking for a number is, set that goal but if you don't hit that number and say only get 3/5 songs done or even 1/5, don't look at it as a failure.  We will constantly be moving the session in the best possible direction but being creative isn't as concrete as say, building something with your hands or working a shift at a job.  Your voice fluctuates, we need to stop and think and make adjustments, take bathroom breaks, redo takes, render files and so much other unplanned scenarios.  You have to work at the pace that gets work done but, keeps your creative energy free flowing.  We have worked with clients in it simply for the number of songs and not the process and be dissatisfied in the end, not at us, but with themselves for not ad-hearing to this warning.  With that said, come with an open mind, a goal and the willingness to keep moving forward while finding the enjoyment in the process, and you will be deeply satisfied regardless of the number and more satisfied with the overall progress.

What all do I get? Is Mastering included?

You will get a block of time private to you for your session, a experienced producer and engineer and a copy of what we worked on in WAV and/or MP3 to leave with at the end of the session.  If you want a stemmed out version (tracked out) of anything we worked on, you must make that request at the beginning of  the session so we can accommodate the time to organize the files to leave.  We do not give the pro tools session itself.  Even though we keep record of all of our work we are not responsible for back ups of any work.

A session does not include mastering, that is a separate fee. 

Let us tell you, we have been in business almost a decade and have been practicing the art of audio recording and creation for double that and we can confidently say that anyone who says they will record, mix and master your work in a few hours no matter how cheap or expensive, are selling you a creative lie.  When you purchase a block of time we will record, edit, mix and push the record(s) towards the done direction.  Some times artists are happy with the in session mix and sometimes they want to either spend a little more time recording or opt to get a finalization or master on their recording.  We won't know where we are and where we can go until we start but you can be confidant in working with MCM Studios that we will always try to find the path of least resistance, maximum creativity and productivity.

When does my session start?  What if I'm late or don't show?

You're session starts and ends at the time and date designated.  If you are late no time is added and if you don't  show no refunds are given and there is no rescheduling.  A $40.00 CANCELLATION / NO SHOW FEE must be paid before any future bookings or in addition to your future booking if you cancel your session or don't show under any circumstances.  There's no exceptions to this rule.

How many people can I bring?

We suggest no more than 6 other guests besides yourself, 7 total.

When can I schedule my session?

Bookings are Monday through Saturday 12pm to 9pm by appointment only.  We are closed on Sundays but open only at double the hourly rate.

You will have 14  days to fulfill your session or service once payment clears, after that period you will forfeit your payment without refund.  Don't worry, we will contact you within 3 hours of payment clearing.  The 14 days doesn't start until payment has cleared, not when it was made.  

How long do I have to book after paying?
Can I book and get in the same day I pay?

Sometimes we have available openings the same day but since everything is by appointment, there's a high possibility the day is already booked.  Feel free to text 412-403-1086 for same day availability.

If I need help will you help me?

Yes. Sometimes people need some help staying on track or maybe some advice to make a song better and that's what we're here to do.  Maybe you know what you want, and that's even better.  HiTT adjusts to the skill level you're at to give you the most accommodating  experience possible.

Do you supply the music/instrumental, where do I get music?

We do not supply the music..  If you need music and you sing, rap or do covers we suggest looking for instrumentals or if you do covers, the instrumental/karaoke version on Youtube.  You can bring whatever music you'd like to record over.  We are not responsible for any legal consequences of you using, releasing or selling your music.  If you sing and play an instrument we can also accommodate that situation.  When you book a session it's for RECORDING, IN SESSION MIXING and PRIVATE USE OF THE SPACE.  It does not include instrumentals or final mixing or mastering.

Can you come take a tour or do a walk through?

No. We believe that time (ours and yours) is the most important thing we have and that it is something to be valued. Because of this, we've found that investing in an actual session is a much better measure of whether or not we are a good fit for you.  This gives you and us the opportunity to actually work together and create something for you to leave with rather than sitting or standing around wasting time.  A quick google search of MCM Studios Pittsburgh will give you more information about our style, vibe and work ethic than any 5 minute tour will ever do.

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