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MCM Studios
Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Middle Class Millionaire Studios

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#1 for Music Recording Studio + Audio Mixing + Online Mixing and Mastering

1109 Arlington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210 Suite 128 | 412-403-1086 |

Pre-paid by appointment only.  Text for availability. No walk throughs, no tours. 

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Don't waste any more money or time, book with the best.

Picture of David Correy, Mike Hitt and Balistic Man at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA

Left to Right 

David Correy, Mike Hitt, Ballistic Man

Picture of Downtown Pittsburgh

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh

Picture of Broski Bo Rapper at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA

You'll record some of your best work at MCM Studios

Rap + Hip-Hop + Soul + R&B + Trap + Afro Pop + Reggae +Holiday Songs + Country  + Acoustic Guitar + Bass + Electric Guitar + Electronic Drum Kits + Pop + AutoTune + Electronic Music + Cover Songs Karaoke Songs +Spoken Word + Audio Book + ADR + Saxaphone + Adverts 
+ Commercial Audio + Piano Pieces + Opera + Childrens Songs +
Anything audio recording related   

Just ask!



Recording at MCM Studios is a personal and spiritual interaction.  We don't just press record and shuffle you out the door.  We evaluate your skill level, then we connect with you, we become one with your vision,  and we match energies to create a holistic recording environment and experience.  Recording is not just our business, it's our life purpose, its the very reason we exist.  We haven't been in business for 10 years just pressing record.  Book a session and see for yourself why thousands of people express their appreciation and gratitude for what we have done for their artistic journey.  Think of us not only as a studio, but as life advisors and artistic specialists. 

Dizzy Wright at MCM Studios in Pittsburg

MCM Studios Producer Mike Hitt with Dizzy Wright for late night private session

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MCM Studios Highlights

  • In business 10 years, proven track record

  • Over 500 Clients

  • Highly skilled and experienced producer

  • Recording, Mixing & Mastering services

  • Offer experienced and in-experienced artists the same level of service

  • Highly comfortable work environment

  • Located 5 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh

  • 5 Star Recording Experience

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Picture of MCM Studios Recording Studio in Pittsburgh

MCM Studios is known for blending professionalism and comfort

A picture of the vocal booth at MCM Studios Recording Studio in Pittsburgh PA

500+ artists have recorded in the booth at MCM Studios, will you be next?

Need to record something Non - musical? 
Like voice over work or an audio book? We do that too

Picture of Rocky Bleier Fighting Back Audio book recorded, mixed and mastered by MCM Studios

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Non - Musical Audio work

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Chatting with a Music Producer Youtube photo featuring Andrew Hales and Mike Hitt
Watch This Video Now Text on MCM Studios website

Watch Andrew Hales one on one with MCM Studios Producer Mike Hitt discussing his role in artists lives

  MCM Studios (short for Middle Class Millionaire) is a professional recording studio and the brain child of music producer and Pittsburgh native, Mike Hitt.  After visiting a few dozen studios for his own early on creative endeavors, he could never find a place that made him feel like they actually cared about the process or outcome of his work.  He remembered it always feeling like his art wasn't important, just another client statistic, cold and unwelcome, rushing you along just to make a dollar. 


Seeing the recording and artistic boom that was soon to come and fueled by his passion to make a change in peoples lives, he began searching for a location that matched his mission and vibe. This need for invention birthed MCM Studios.  With a dream and the will to help others, he personally would go on to lead over 3,000 face to face recording sessions since opening the doors in 2010, sharpening his abilities and experience while working with people of all walks of life.  Technically and Creatively proficient, Mike Hitt makes his clients better and more equipped for their own artistic and personal success.  He believes you should leave people better than you found them, that is the meaning of relationships and a focal point in his lifes purpose.

Chinese Rapper Yuhao Wu with MusicProducer Mike Hitt at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA
Mike Hitt with a Music Artist at MCM Sudios Pittsburgh Recording Studio
Female Rapper with Music Producer Mike Hitt at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh, PA
Rapper on Couch at MCM Studios Recording Studio in Pittsburgh PA
West Coast Rapper at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA
Female Singer in Recording Booth at MCM Studios in Pittsburgh PA
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